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Get the Updated “Get Boosted On Medium Guide”

  • 2 min read

…and a list of the 60 Medium publications that can nominate your stories for a boost.

Most people don’t know who Medium’s Community Nominators are, which publications are participating in the program, and what nominators do.

A Community Nominator in the Boost Beta program can suggest a few stories every week for Boost consideration and thus help Medium to find hidden gems.

They have the “taste” to select excellent stories in their area of expertise from across the platform.

I know that there are so many excellent writers on Medium who are not getting the exposure they should. Maybe you’re one of them and wondering what it really takes to write a Boost-eligible story on Medium…

Well, wonder no more because I’ve got some exciting news for you!

My eBook “Get Boosted on Medium” has just received a major update, and it’s packed with high-level strategies to help you shine on this buzzing publishing platform.


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