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Good News About The Future Of Medium

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Ready for the next level? Medium acquired a startup called Projector to bring Medium to the next level and to expand beyond words.

Medium is undergoing a lot of changes. In the past few months, we have seen several publications closing.

Influential writers were leaving Medium and so many are complaining about Medium’s eventual death.

As a novice writer you may wonder:

‘Is it a worrying time and where is Medium heading?’

I’m thrilled to announce that Medium CEO, Ev Williams has just acquired a collaborative, design platform called Projector.

That’s a good sign.

Why did Medium buy Projector?

  • to innovate on the core Medium experience
  • build amazing tools for creators

With the onboarding of 13 experienced people from Projector, Ev Williams wants to bring Medium to the next level.🚀

Here’s all you need to know about the big news, writers will be talking about in the upcoming months.

It’s a positive sign

Let me start by saying, for me, this acquisition is a positive sign.

I’ve been writing on Medium for 10 months now, gained 17 Top Writer badges, and earn around $600 per month.

I definitely want to continue writing on Medium and I want to be part of the next level.

Let me give you some basic information, dear writers, why Medium is the best place for you to write online.

Medium is powerful

Medium is a powerful writing platform that is constantly changing. Like the weather.

This is the one constant you need to know about Medium.

Here’s more you need to know:

  • It’s ‘an open platform where over 100 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking’.
  • Over 700K people are paying members and the Medium Writers Challenge attracted more new writers and readers.

Evolution of the Medium’s web experience

Since it’s a platform for writers and readers, at the beginning of October 2021 Medium announced ‘the next step is an evolution of the Medium web experience’.

As a marketer, my definition of a company’s web experience is =

the all-round experience of the user across various touchpoints in the journey through a website.

👉As you may have noticed Medium has been making design changes to improve the app experience, make it more relational, and is experimenting a lot in the back end of the website.

3 Key Elements of Medium’s new experience (for desktop users)

  1. Quick access to core elements

The navigation menu is persistently accessible to make it faster to browse on Medium.

screenshot by @kristinagod

2. Smooth and faster experience

It’s easier to discover stories. Moreover, we can dive right into reading by expanding stories in place.

As you may have already seen, claps, comments, and bookmarks are always accessible at the bottom of your reading screen.

screenshot by @kristinagod

This feature should serve as:

a reminder that Medium is about reading and engaging.

3. More context and connection

On the homepage, the right-hand side helps to discover more content and writers you might like, and on story pages, you see more about the writer.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to explore related topics (more below, point 4) and writers.

screenshot by @kristinagod

You can see Anne Bonfert’s ‘About’ information, a sample of who she follows, and you can easily access the lists she has created.

screenshot by Kristina God

4. Related pop-up

There’s a so-called ‘Related’ box that pops up. I’d rather call it a banner as you can see below.

You can’t click on it and it disappears.

It is stuck on the right side of the article.

It’s definitely distracting the reading flow.

Here’s my take on this new feature:

Medium will expand beyond words

After the above-mentioned first changes, with the acquisition of Projector Medium seems to want to expand beyond words.

They want to offer multimedia content too.

As Ev Williams stated after the announcement of the rollout of Medium’s new web experience a few weeks ago:

We’re not done

We plan to roll out this experience over the next several weeks, with more enhancements after that.

I wonder if with ‘enhancements’ he already did mean the future integration of Projector?

What’s Projector?

Projector is a creative platform that empowers every professional with the skills needed to captivate their audience. LinkedIn

  • Projector was launched in 2020
  • it’s a collaborative platform used for presentations to social media stories to newsletter graphics
  • it helps people turn their ideas into flexible, multimedia stories that can be published anywhere

What will come next?

As announced, Medium wants:

  • to innovate on the core Medium experience
  • build amazing tools for creators

In my opinion, there are a few ways how the future of Medium’s web experience could look like:


👉Medium could give us more (elegant) design options and features in the content management system to customize our site, our pub’s newsletter, and our posts.

Real-time collaboration:

👉Since Projector is a leading company in real-time collaboration, I could imagine really working together with other writers — in real-time.

Not just sharing a friend link and then sending a personal note.

More like live collaborating and editing with Google Docs.


👉A lot of writers are on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It would be great to bring all these social media touchpoints together and create multimedia content

Spoiler alert: New Updates I’ve already discovered

Many readers and writers are frustrated about their feed. Me too.

Yesterday I saw that Medium now lets us decide which type of content we want to see more of and which we don’t want to see anymore.

Click on the three dots and click Show less like this (just an example, Robert Ralph😄)

screenshot by @kristinagod

I think that’s also a great step in the right direction.

Click Upgrade!; screenshot by @kristinagod

So, click Upgrade! 🚀

Final Takeaways

As Ev Williams stated at the beginning of October when he announced the evolution in Medium’s web experience:

But with any big change, we expect to learn as we go — and a big part of that will be hearing from the readers and creators of Medium.

So please let us know what you think and how it could be better.

If you have suggestions please leave a comment . Let Ev Williams and his new team know what you want and need.

Tell me your thoughts.🚀

© Kristina God

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