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Good News! Medium Is Finally Updating Its Buggy Mobile Apps

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2 features will be removed in the future; hopefully, one funny and two annoying bugs too

I’m so excited!

Yesterday, I read in Medium’s monthly newsletter that Medium will update its buggy app.


The app is so buggy. An update is more than necessary.

Did you know that 50% of Medium’s over 100 million readers are mobile users?

All those annoying, as well as funny bugs, need to be fixed — to earn more, get read more, and have a better reading experience.

Negative reviews on the Google Play Store

The Medium app was installed 5,000,000 times on Android.

Here are some of the latest reviews on the Google Play Store.

Here are some of the latest reviews on the Google Play Store.

Brandon Rechten (still a paying member) says:

The app has become almost unusuable.

Serenity (no member anymore) says:

Buggier and buggier. Every time I log in, I run into something else that isn’t working.

Hint: On the Apple App Store it’s the same.

Why is there an urgent need for an update?

The app experience across Android and iOS is horrible.

Let me give you just two of countless examples:

1 — You can clap 50 times for your own story

The funny bug: You can applaud 50 times for your own stories.

No joking.

Try to clap for your own story!

Here’s an example: I clapped for my story Take Advantage Of This Overlooked Medium Feature To Master Different Time Zones 50 times.

Here are some of the latest reviews on the Google Play Store.
When I click on my own article Take Advantage Of This Overlooked Medium Feature To Master Different Time Zones I can clap 50 times!

Hint: There even was a time when you could clap up to 200 times for your story.

You can clap 200 times for your own stories on Medium
In Q3 2021, I discovered this bug. You could clap 200 times for your own story.

2 — When you clap for a story the writer won’t see it or only sees one clap

The annoying bug: Oftentimes the clap feature doesn’t work at all.

The writer doesn’t see that you’ve clapped or only sees that you’ve clapped one time.

Hint: We all hate one-clappers! Often it’s not our fault. It’s the app’s fault.

It’s not a bummer but these 2 features will be removed from the app

In its monthly newsletter, Medium announced 2 features will be removed:

  • the story editing features — you can’t write a story via the app anymore
The story editing features will be removed from the Medium app
The story editing features will be removed.
  • as well as controls for profile customization will be removed — you can’t edit your profile anymore
The story editing features will be removed from the Medium app.
The controls for profile customization will be removed

Good news: Of course, these features will still be accessible from the desktop web app, which I use most of the time.

So I think it’s not a bummer that these 2 features will be gone soon.

This is how the future of Medium’s app experience will look like

Medium wants to improve the app experience throughout the year.

There will be several updates and I’ll keep you posted about all of them.

Medium revealed the future reading experience will be

  • faster
  • smoother
  • more consistent

The goal:

  • help readers discover more writers and topics
  • make it easier to read and share stories

These 3 features should be available in the future

1 — The harsh truth: Readers can’t access your referral page via mobile apps — this needs to be fixed

Recently I shared that I discovered that when someone reads your story via the app he or she can’t become your referred member.


I asked Medium’s Support about it.

They shared with me the harsh truth:

Right now, readers can access your referral page through web-based browsers.

It is not available via mobile apps.

What does this mean?

  • 50% of Medium’s readers are mobile users.
  • Hence, 50% can’t click on the link — except they use a browser!

👉You need to embed the link instead of linking the text.

How can you fix it?

  • Click on the plus button.
  • Click on the embed button.

Here’s the box you need to generate to be successful🚀:

2 — Readers can’t listen to your stories via the app right now — this tool should be available for app users too

A few weeks back, I informed you about Medium’s new incredible audio tool.

This audio tool called Speechify allows you to listen to articles.

A (male or female) AI voice reads the stories.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available via mobile apps. That’s a bummer.

Here’s my member list bonus for February 2022:

50% more would mean $4,44 instead of $2,22.

The potential is huge since Medium. At the moment, only a fraction of Medium users is eligible to listen to stories.

Throughout the upcoming month, all members will have the possibility to listen to stories.

3 — Screen rotation isn’t available on tablets and e-readers — this needs to be fixed

Douglas Lowder (Douglas Lowder) mentions on Google Play that he would love to read stories via his Android tablet or e-readers but can’t.

I tried it myself. You can’t rotate the screen on the tablet. That’s annoying.

So Medium should support screen rotation on Android tablets, including e-readers in the future.

Final Takeaways

During the day, I read stories on Medium via the app.

It’s pretty annoying every time I open the app.

So, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming updates.

I think they definitely will be a significant step forward…

in creating a more unified and familiar Medium experience across Android, iOS, (and the Medium website).

We can earn more. Get read more and finally enjoy reading (and listening) via the app again!

© Kristina God

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