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Goodbye! A Tribute to Tom Kuegler Who Left Medium

  • 2 min read

In search for greener pastures outside of Medium

When I joined Medium in December 2020, I found Top Writer Tom Kuegler.

He was a lighthouse on this platform.

He gave newbies helpful advice and shared information about Top Writers, Top Writer lists, and publications to submit their stories.

Additionally, I took part in some of his live sessions about how to master writing on Medium.

Tom was the one who inspired me to keep going and try different things in order to be successful.

Within a few months, I learned everything I could about blogging and publishing on Medium and shared my lessons learned to help others thrive.

I realized that teaching others was really fun.

I started spreading the word about Medium and recommended this platform — as Tom used to do.

Last year, Tom announced he’d leave Medium by the end of 2022.

This year he finally did.

Goodbye, Tom! Some of us will miss you.

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