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Goodbye “Chosen For Further Distribution”

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We’ll miss you.

This news really saddens me.

In case you haven’t heard it yet… better grab your tissues.

Last week, Medium’s Vice President Content, Scott Lamb, announced there will be no “Chosen for Further Distribution” anymore.

We won’t no longer be notified that our work was selected for “Chosen for Further Distribution”.

That’s a bummer for most writers such as The Sturg


  • It was a great motivation and ego boost.
  • It kept you going even if you didn’t earn that much money.
  • It showed that you were on the right track.
  • It showed that you were creating high-quality stories.

More updates

Algorithmic distribution is key in the future.

The algorithm will decide whether a story will be promoted by Medium or not.

That’s why human connection is more important than ever!

Comment and clap.


Don’t stay in the dark.

This will make every writer smile.

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