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Goodbye, New York City — It’s Sinking 1–2 MM Per Year

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Should we worry or is it nothing?

It’s probably nothing … but New York City is sinking.

According to a research article, New York City’s (NYC) sinking.

1–2 mm per year!

In addition, it’s also grappling with the rising sea level.

In fact, the sea level around NYC has been rising more than twice as fast as the global rate.

Key Facts about the Study

The study aims to highlight that every additional high-rise structure built in coastal, river, or lakefront areas could exacerbate future flood risks.

Therefore, mitigation strategies might be necessary.

The novel subsidence mapping approach quantifies the hazard, providing insights into soil types and conditions.

Some are sinking faster than the average rate

“New York City is among the most densely populated coastal areas in the world, with a large portion of its critical infrastructure constructed in low-lying coastal areas,” geophysicist Sophie Coulson told CNN.

Is it nothing or should we worry?


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