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Google Brain Found The #1 Sign How to Spot AI Writing

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It also shows how we as human beings can make our writing better.

Some say the super-hyped ChatGPT is given better answers than Google.

If you ask a question in the chat, within three seconds (except the platform ha,s too many visitors), ChatGPT will have an answer for you.

So, it’s no wonder that for many creators,s ChatGPT is the place to go.

AI-written, text is everywhere, and many people don’t want to read it.

They want to read quality writing with heart and soul.

That’s what Google is also looking for.

Its latest “helpful content update” is proof that the company is looking for answers written by humans, not by machines.

With the “helpful content update,” Google is shaking up the search playing field.

The search engine is weeding out poor and with low-quality websites and websites as well as AI-generated content.

For creators, this means the overall content marketing efforts need to get better.

Content marketing is people. All things Google is people.

Creators always have to write for people.

AI-generated content often lacks the human touch.

Did you know the company’s research unit for deep learning?

It’s Google Brain.

Daphne Ippolito, a senior researcher at Google Brain, found out

“If you have enough text, a really easy cue is the word ‘the’ occurs too many times.”

In fact, if you take a closer look, AI writing is littered with demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, and those.

More experienced writers know how to remove these words to improve their writing.

Do you want to improve your writing, too, and learn from the mistakes AI makes?

Here’s an example:

“That” is often not necessary.

“It’s the most delicious cookie that I’ve eaten” could easily be “It’s the most delicious cookie I’ve eaten.”

You can remove it for more streamlined content.

Do you want to learn more about Googlupdateslpful content updates? Here you go!

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