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Google Says I’m A Writer — I Now Have My Own Google Knowledge Panel

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You can also have your own Google Knowledge Panel. I show you how you can trigger it as an online writer and author.

Let’s set the scene.

I’ve been practicing my writing in public since December 2020, in the middle of the pandemic.

I was on maternity leave and had the feeling I wanted to do something. Create something. I wanted to…write.

One day, my husband recommended Medium to me because he had read a story by Tim Denning.

So I joined and it felt so good.

I’ve worked in journalism, PR, and marketing for more than 12 years.

Marketing professionals were in high demand and I loved my corporate job.

However, as a marketing manager, I rather delegated than wrote on my own. That sucked.

I don’t know but especially after giving birth to my first child, I needed to fulfill my desire to write and express myself.

Since that day, I’ve been writing at least one story per day.

Fast forward to today, I’m writing part-time, mainly write in the evenings when my toddler is asleep and my baby makes funny noises while lying next to me or napping.

I built a thriving online (writing) business with my husband Patrick God.

Having my own Google Knowledge Panel is a win as part-time writer

As a writer, celebrating small wins has become my love language.

A few days ago, I discovered something.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether it was a success or not.

So I asked one of my former colleagues at the world’s largest marketing firm, Edelman. He’s working at Edelman Digital, the digital unit of the agency network.

That’s how I found out, it was a success.

A huge one.

And you can also experience it as a part-time writer.

Let me explain.

I googled my name and personal brand

Here’s what I did.

I googled myself.

This is what I found:

photo credit: Kristina God on Google

Do you see this box on the right-hand side of Google's search results?

It’s called a Google Knowledge Panel and it’s the cherry on the cake for online writers and authors who practice in public and want to be seen and read.

It’s a factual summary for people searching on Google for my name and personal brand.

The good news is that every writer and author can have a Google Knowledge Panel.

The bad news: It’s not easy to get one.

Go ahead and google yourself!

I bet you don’t have one yet.

I hear you say:

“I don’t have a Knowledge Panel yet. How do I get one as a writer?”

With some patience, you can also get a Knowledge Panel for your person.

That’s why I’m sharing this today.

You can trigger one so that the Google Knowledge algorithms create one for you.

There are many factors but one essential factor is that you write a clear description on the platform/s you’re practicing your writing, for instance, Medium.

This is where your about page comes into play and your one-liner which explains who you are and what you do.

How to write a clear description?

Although it’s a bit tricky, here’s what I found.

Your description should be…

  • factual — based on facts.

Don’t say:

“I’m the writing Jesus.” Better say: “I’ve been writing on the internet for 4 years.”

  • relevant — only essential information.

Don’t write down your life story. Pick the essentials of your life as a writer that are important to know.

  • hierarchical — most recent to oldest.

Don’t start with the past. Start with the present. As if you’d write a news piece, start with the present moment.

  • repetitive — clever is better than creative.

Don’t try to be creative and write different things about yourself as an online writer and/or author. Stay consistent.

Google’s algorithms need to get a clear picture of who you are.

How to write a clear description for your writing home (entity) Medium?

Let’s say Medium is your home, your “entity”, then make sure to repeat the information you have in your online liner and on your about page.

Here’s my one-liner on Medium:

photo credit: Kristina God on Medium

Here’s my About page on Medium:

photo credit: Kristina God on Medium

Final thoughts

As far as I’m concerned, Google picked YouTube as my home on the internet, my entity.

It picked the about I wrote for my YouTube channel.

However, since my data from Medium, X, TikTok, YouTube, and Medium are overlapping, Google can understand who I am.

For Google, I’m a writer!

Of course, I’m also a marketing manager and entrepreneur. I’ll cover this in an upcoming piece and show you what you can do once you have triggered a Google Knowledge Panel.

I’ll soon interview an expert on this topic since I love to help writers build their personal brand online.

Do you have any questions, or suggestions or googled yourself?

Let me know in the comments!

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