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Google’s Bard Now Helps You Coding Faster and Debugging

  • 2 min read

Awesome news for software developers

My husband jumped out of his skin excited when he heard the news.

Paige Bailey, Group Product Manager from Google Research broke the news that…

“Bard can help with programming and software development tasks, including code generation, debugging and code explanation.”

This means Google’s Bard now has the ability to generate code, help you with software dev tasks, and helps you analyze and explain code snippets.

It gets better. These capabilities are available “in more than 20 programming languages”.

Super hyped Python code (the programming language you need to understand to train AI) can easily be exported to Google Colab.

Page also shared that you can make your code faster.

Here’s the prompt you need to use:

  • “Could you please make that code faster?”

I’m not a coder. What I can do is ask Bard to help me code and explain code to me. That’s super cool.

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