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Grab Kristina God’s New and Free One-Month Medium Content Calendar For 2022

  • 1 min read

and become a master of content creation made easy.

Let’s visualize this for a sec:

You have an entire month worth of content in your hands!

Can you believe it? How does this feel?

Awesome! Relieving!


As a multi-passionate writer myself, I need to narrow my focus.

We’re officially more than halfway through 2022, so I really want you to reach your online writing goals!

From experience I know that overwhelm keeps online writers from winning.

If you feel overwhelmed, I want to pass along something that might help you get back on track.

A free one-month content calendar so you can plug in your day and Medium content.

6 months ago, I published my first content calendar.

Now, I’ve updated it based on the feedback I’ve received and the lessons I’ve learned.

👉What are you waiting for? Click here, grab it and start filling it out!👇

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