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Great Headlines And Great Pizza

  • 2 min read

What’s it worth?

I love to compare headlines with pizza.

Everybody loves pizza. Pizza is great.

Imagine you come across a pizza place. They have a banner saying: We sell pizza for $9.

Immediately, you start asking yourself:

Is this pizza worth $9?

The same with headlines.

Everybody loves a catchy headline. Engaging stories are great.

When someone comes across your writing online they’re asking:

Is this story worth 15 or even 30 seconds of my time?

Attention is our most valuable resource.

When writing online, always keep your audience in mind and their 3 key W-questions:

3 simple W-questions:

– 👉WHAT is your story about?

– 👉WHO is it for?

– 👉WHY should I read your story?

Key question:

Do I think this is valuable enough to give me 15 seconds of their time?

Here’s the story:

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