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Grow Your Email List Naturally as a Writer With These 3 Awesome Growth Tools

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I’m not only a writer on Medium. I’m also a writer on Substack.

What I love about Substack is that it combines a blog, newsletter, podcast, video, and community.

Plus, it’s constantly looking to build growth tools.

This makes me feel like Substack wants to do everything it can to make writers grow.

Guess how many subscribers I got within one year of writing on Substack?


Whereas other newsletter platforms are stagnant, Substack offers growth tools that let potential readers and other writers in a whole rich network discover you.

1 — Recommendations

Writers can recommend other writers like in old-school blogging days where people had blogrolls who linked to friends and blogs.

2 — Cross-posting

If you publish a post someone else can publish it on their Substack and share it with their newsletter subs.

3 — Tagging

You can tag someone and say “I’ve read some great article I want to share and talk about.”

Learn more in my Substack Masterclass:

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