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Grow Your Medium Following In Your Sleep With The 80/20 Rule For Content Creators

  • 1 min read

It doesn’t shoot to fame in an instant but pays off in the long run

As Cait Mack shared with me:

My goal is to write 80% evergreen and 20% “seasonal/current event”.

That’s super smart.

When a topic has an always-on level of interest, it is considered as evergreen.

It doesn’t matter what season we’re in, or what year it is, my evergreen content is ever-relevant and drives ongoing growth (followers, earnings, and visits) with every piece that you publish.

Evergreen content has no real expiration date and retains its value long-term.

With evergreen content, you can grow your Medium profile while you sleep.

Several writers on this platform have evergreen posts that attract new followers and visits every single day.

Keep in mind: evergreen content doesn’t shoot to fame in an instant. It takes some time.

👇🏻 Once an evergreen article hits pole position on Google, it can help you grow your entire Medium account exponentially. 👇🏻


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