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Growing Your Medium Followers Takes More Time Than You Want It To Take?

  • 2 min read

Here’s the solution.

Some of my students needed several months to reach the 100 followers' threshold until they learned from me how to get there with ease.

I reached the goal of 100 followers within two months.

Here’s the proof:

Kristina God

Here are my tips for you to reach the 100 followers' threshold quickly and also speed up the process of gaining more followers.

1– 🚀Fill out your Bio and your ‘About’ to share more about your expertise, and background and build a human connection.

2 — 🚀Let’s get relational: Medium is a relational platform. It’s all about relating to others. Clapping, commenting, and mentioning others is key and will boost your follower count.

3 — 🚀Write and publish original content consistently: You’re on Medium to write. So, write, write, write at least 1–3 articles per week. When people come to your page, they’ll see that you publish regularly and start following you.


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