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Guess What The Most Mentioned Brand On Instagram In The Last 12 Months Was?

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66K influencers are posting and sharing about their products.

It’s absolutely crazy.

The brand that is the most mentioned on Instagram has 66K influencers talking, posting, and sharing about their products.

In 2022, they had a combined reach of more than 1.2 billion people!

And no, it’s not Instagram itself.

It’s a Spanish multi-national retail clothing chain.

Yeah! You’re right. It’s ZARA.

ZARA received 182K Instagram mentions.

In second place is Instagram.

YouTube, the #1 Google search term, is coming in eighth place.

In general, influencer marketing is on the rise but direct-to-consumer brands are more and more selective with the influencers they are working with and paying.

On average, a brand works with up to ten influencers per year. But there are also brands such as Zara that love the masses.

Most brands spend less than 10K on influencers but there are also some who spend more than 500K!

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