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Happy Mother’s Day, Dear (Part-Time) Writing Moms

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You are indeed, the unsung heroines of the writing world

Today, on this beautiful sunlit morning of Mother’s Day, I sit down at my writing desk, a cup of lukewarm coffee by my side, and a heart full of gratitude.

I am a writer, yes, but before that, I am a mother.

And today, I want to raise a toast to all the (part-time) writing mothers out there, for it is a ballet of balance that we perform, a symphony that we conduct, and a tapestry that we weave every single day.

First, a Confession

I often find myself writing in the wee hours of the morning when the house is asleep, or in those precious evening hours when I put my little boy to bed.

I’ve written lines via my smartphone while stirring soup or pushing the stroller. Or I’ve revised paragraphs while folding laundry.

The desktop, the notebook, the laptop, and the back of a grocery receipt — all have been my canvas.

Sound Familiar?

I’m sure many of you can relate. And this is the beauty of being a writing mother.

We don’t just write with our hands, we write with our hearts, lives, and experiences.

The role of a mother, as demanding as it is rewarding, adds a layer of authenticity and emotion to our work that is unparalleled.

We write about love because we’ve felt the deepest kind, about loss because we’ve feared it immensely, and about joy because we’ve experienced it in the purest form through the eyes of our children.

Our Children Are Our Biggest Inspirations, Aren’t They?

From the moment we hold them in our arms, they become a part of us, influencing our thoughts, our actions, and yes, our words.

The sweet curiosity of a toddler, the rebellious spirit of a teenager, the tender vulnerability of a young adult. All find a way into our narratives, making them more real, more relatable.

We learn from our children as much as they learn from us, and this learning reflects in our writing.

Writing While Being a Mother Is a Journey With Its Own Unique Challenges

But every challenge we face, every obstacle we overcome, makes us not just better writers, but stronger individuals.

The late-night feedings, the countless diaper changes, the heartbreak consolations — all these experiences make our writing more profound, more human.

Remember those days when we struggled to find time to write a single sentence, or when we had to put our dream project on hold because motherhood demanded our time and energy?

Or those nights when we stayed up late to finish a writing project while battling the guilt of not spending enough time with our children?

Yes, We’ve All Been There

But it is in these moments of struggle that we find our true strength, and our writing gains a depth that only life experiences can bring.

Writing (part-time) is our passion, calling, and motherhood, our greatest adventure.

And while we navigate the labyrinth of these dual roles, we create something beautiful — stories that resonate, words that touch hearts, and narratives that inspire.

We bear the double-edged sword of creation, in life and on paper.

So, to All the Writing Mothers Reading This, I Want to Say — You Are Incredible

Your strength is awe-inspiring, your dedication commendable, and your creativity astounding.

Know that your words matter, and your stories matter.

You bring life into this world in more ways than one, and for that, you deserve all the appreciation and love.

On this Mother’s Day, I celebrate you, your journey, your struggles, and your triumphs.

“Keep writing, keep inspiring, and keep shining.”

Because the world needs your voice, your stories, and your love.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear writing mothers. You are indeed, the unsung heroines of literature.

But Let’s Not Forget, We Are More Than Writers, More Than Mothers

We are warriors who battle the daily chaos of life, artists who paint vivid worlds with our words, and architects who build foundations of wisdom for our children.

We write from a place of deep vulnerability and profound strength, a place only a mother could know.

We write of the human condition, of life’s intricate design, of love’s labyrinthine journey, all while raising a human being who will continue the story long after our final chapter is written.

The Role of a Part-Time Writing Mother Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

It is a role that demands sacrifice, patience, and resilience.

But with every struggle, every sleepless night, every teary-eyed frustration, comes a reward that makes it all worthwhile.

The smile of a child, the satisfaction of a well-written page, the joy of touching another’s soul with our words — these are our trophies, our laurels.

And so, we continue to write amidst the chaos, in the quiet corners of our busy lives.

We continue to pour our hearts out onto the page, hoping to make a difference, hoping to leave a mark, not just on the literary world, but on the hearts of our readers, and most importantly, on the lives of our children.

We Are the Writing Mothers, the Tireless Weavers of Words And Dreams

We are the creators of worlds both on the page and in reality.

Our journey is a beautiful paradox of love and challenge, of triumph and failure, of joy and despair.

But through it all, we persist, we write, we mother.

So, here’s to us, to our endless cups of coffee, to our ink-stained fingers, to our sleep-deprived eyes.

Here’s to our unyielding spirit, our unbreakable resolve, our unending love.

Here’s to the stories we’ve told and the ones yet to be written.

Here’s to the life we’ve created and the lives we’ve touched.

Let’s take a moment today to acknowledge…

…and appreciate our journey, to celebrate our accomplishments, to feel proud of the lives we’ve shaped — both in reality and in fiction.

Let’s pat ourselves on the back and say:

“Well done, you’re doing great.”

Here’s to you, dear writing mothers.

On this particular day, I want to say — you are seen, you are appreciated, and you are loved.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep writing, keep mothering, and above all, keep being you.

Because you are, without a doubt, the true authors of life.

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