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Happy New Year, Dear Medium Readers and Writers!

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I am full of hope and thank you for being there in 2023 and 2024.

In the picture above, you can see my four-month-old little girl reading one of my romance novels.

It always makes me feel hopeful when I watch her, especially when she learns new things and gets very excited about it.

At that moment, she sings in a high-pitched voice something like:


Look at the tiny arms and fingers carrying her forward in the picture above.

Her baby movements, her eyes watching everything we do, and her sweet baby smile make me feel hopeful for the new year.

I’m grateful for all the good memories of 2024 (even the second birth in my life, haha).

I’m going to start 2024 by making a list of who and what I’m grateful for.

The best things in life have unfolded with my little girl, and as I recall all these good memories from 2023, I am grateful.

I am grateful to be alive. Grateful for my family. Grateful for the place by the sea that I call home. Grateful for my job and my side hustle as a writer. Grateful for you, Medium readers and writers.🥰

I’m also writing down my four big goals for 2024 with my husband and the mini-goals that will help me achieve my big goals.

Since no matter what I post, I always intend to make your life somehow fuller, and better, I have a special gift for you. My goal-setting planner for 2024.

If you’re struggling to become clear on your goals for 2024, you can get the planner for free by going here.

🤗So as your accountability buddy, I want you to share your big goals for 2024 or what you’re grateful for in the comments.🤗

Thanks to your lovely feedback during the year I will face 2024 with gratitude and joy.

Happy New Year to you, dear reader, and all your family.

Warm hugs🥰,


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