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Hardcore Medium Addict? Take The Quiz and Laugh Out Loud

  • 1 min read

When you’re wondering whether you’re a Medium addict, you need to read this.

Sean Berry mentioned me in a hilarious piece about Medium-addicted writers… so take the quiz to find out whether you’re one of them.

Spoiler alert: I definitely am. haha

If you answer 1–3 of these questions with YES! you’re a Medium addict

  • You have writer’s block, and your remedy is to write a story about writer’s block in Writer’s Blokke.
  • You choose to re-edit your drafts all night long instead of making FutureSex/Love Sounds with your bae.
  • You haven’t played video games in 12 months because all you do now is write stories on Medium.
  • You’re consistently late picking your kid up from daycare, but you keep telling yourself that the article you’re feverishly working on will go viral.
  • You read an article about your addiction to Medium.

Here’s the most unmistakable sign you’re addicted to Medium:

  • You pray to Kristina God every morning before writing your stories.

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