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Have Questions About Medium’s New Boost System? Get The Answers!

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I’m looking for questions to ask an official Medium Boost Curator for my next YouTube video.

Today is International Ask A Question Day and I’m jumping out of my skin excited!

An official Boost Curator from the Medium community is open to answering questions for my upcoming YouTube video about Medium’s new Boost system.

I know you have A LOT of questions about the new Boost System and I’d be happy to help you get them answered.

My interview partner: Thomas

He’s a Top Writer in #Writing on Medium, with over 13 million views on his 500+ articles and 31K followers.

His name is Thomas Smith and he has been writing on Medium since 2019.

His new publication The Generator is Boost-eligible. It’s a new publication about generative AI.

Thomas can nominate stories in his publication for a Boost.

Made in Canva

Plus, he can highlight other generative AI stories on Medium for a Boost if they meet Medium’s criteria.

Additionally, he just shared a list of outstanding AI stories on Medium, for instance, one by Christopher Kokoski.

Here’s more about Thomas:

What’s a Boost?

Boosting comes down to which stories Medium recommends.

Medium wants to find and recommend quality content that’s tailored to each reader’s interests.

It looks like this:

Boosted story; Tony Stubblebine

Featured authors can now see a notification on their Story Stats Page and in their inbox that says their story has been Boosted.

In fact, it’s the highest-level Boost in the history of Medium.

That’s why it’s “worthy of a capital B Boost”.

Getting boosted means…

  • more money
  • more page views

Here’s more about the Boost System:

What are you waiting for? Share your questions, Thomas may have answers!

I’ll share your questions with Thomas and he’ll answer them in my upcoming YouTube video.

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