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Have You Also Realized The Explosion Of Toxic Content In Your Feed?

  • 2 min read

New feature alert — Now you can do something about it!

Medium is meant to be a platform for lovers of reading and writing.

As new writer Rick Ruder said:

I’m (...) concerned with the explosion of toxic content that fills my feed.
Medium is the new Reddit 😠
Hate filled pieces; men suck, women suck, white people suck, black people suck ...

The more you click on specific articles (‘Medium is dying’), the more Medium is going to feed it to you.

When you read negative articles, you’re potentially exposing yourself to more of them.

Simply, because the algorithm thinks that’s what you want to see.

It can be a vicious circle.

🚫New feature — Here’s help:

Click on the three dots and click Show less like this 🚫:

screenshot by Kristina God


screenshot by Kristina God

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