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Help! I Can’t Access Medium Anymore Because Of This Serious Bug

  • 2 min read

I’m sure there are many more who experience the same.

This never happened to me. seems to be really buggy.

When I’m trying to access my start page, all of a sudden I have to stare at a blank page.😞

Here’s the proof:

Blank page when accessing the start page of Medium
Blank page when accessing the start page of Medium

There’s nothing I can do.

My husband opened the developer tools of Chrome and showed me these hieroglyphs:

Errors in the Console when accessing
Errors in the Console when accessing

So, in essence, this is a cry for help.

The only thing I’m able to do is to write and directly publish this article. But I’m not able to access my story drafts.

I’m only able to write this short piece thanks to my husband who’s a web developer.

Wondering if this is happening to anyone else?

If this bug persists, we’re not able to access our stories, drafts, and lists, hence we’re not able to earn any money.

So, this is pretty serious.😞

Anyone who is reading this:

PLEASE open a ticket and let Medium know about this serious bug.

I can’t open a ticket.

I can’t access the platform and I’m sure there are many more who don’t have a tech guru at home who can help.

Thanks for the help.


PS: This cry for help goes out to some of my friends such as… Jeanine Tew Candice Zakariya Kacy Singh Dawn Smiles Megan Llorente WrittenMastery Anne Bonfert AHK Michael Nagy Kevin Hicks Hudson Rennie BichoDoMato Sally Prag Robert Ralph and anyone else who’s reading this right now.

PPS: FYI Ev Williams. That’s one of many many bugs I’ve experienced lately. 😞

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