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Help! I Have A Tasmanian Devil In The House

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with a notoriously short temper and little patience.

My toddler is constantly keeping me on my toes.

His nickname is the Tasmanian Devil (Taz, from Looney Tunes).


Yes, he really is like a bold and brave human Taz in toddler form.

He drags, tumbles, hurdles, crashes, jumps, and drags…

Some days it’s beyond exhausting — mentally and physically.

My husband and I are always on guard, always on high alert.

He is obsessed with climbing everything.

From wriggling up the door frame to escaping the crib.

The pediatrician said:

Perfect! That’s part of who he is as a toddler. He loves the idea of discovering new things and exploring the world.

Other character traits that make him a human Taz:

  • a notoriously short temper and little patience
  • ability to spin like a vortex
  • biting through nearly anything
  • eating anything in his path

What Looney Tunes character is your kid?

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