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Here’s How to Block AI Training on Your Substack — With a Simple Click

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Substack defaults to allowing AI training. Discover how to opt-out effectively.

Did you know that many AIs are trained using website content without permission?

In fact, Google wants all online content available for AI training.

So only content protected by a paywall, like on Medium, is safeguarded against OpenAI’s GPTBot (except if the platform allows it to use the content).

This agent scrapes web pages for content used to train the company’s AI models.

But what about Substack?

In my Substack series, I’m answering questions I received from the Medium community about starting a newsletter on Substack.

Today we want to talk about opting out of AI training in your Substack newsletter.

Substack’s default is “yes” to AI

Without knowing it the default is that you opt-in when writing on Substack.

This means OpenAI’s GPTBot can crawl your Substack.

Since I know you don’t want this, I did some research and learned how to block AI training on your newsletter content.

Disable AI bots from using your content with one simple click

Here’s how to disable AI bots from using your published Substack newsletter editions:

  • Go to your publication’s Settings page.
  • Scroll to the “Publication details” section
  • Slide the toggle to the right next to “Block AI training.”

Here’s what Substack states:

“This setting indicates to AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard that their models should not be trained on your published content. This will only apply to AI tools that respect this setting, and blocking training may limit your publication’s discoverability in tools and search engines that return AI-generated results.”

For more, check out my friend Jameson Steward’s video:

Here’s my Substack series:

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