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Here’s How To Build Your Own Publication

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With examples and an easy step-by-step guide to being smart and self-publish.

A few weeks ago, Medium announced they want to support self-published authors to flourish without publications.

This is the way Medium wants it.

All the winning entries of the Medium Writers Challenge were self-published.

Therefore it’s smart to start a personal publication — meaning a publication for your own personal use only.

Top 4 benefits of self-publishing:

Since I see this question over and over again on Quora, here are the top 4 benefits of self-publishing on Medium:

  1. You’re your own boss — you can publish whatever you want when you want it!
  2. Your article can get chosen for further distribution (CFFD) by Medium’s editors.
  3. You can build an email list that can bring the engagement you have with your (small) follower base to the next level.
  4. You can leverage your follower base. The publication’s followers are yours as well.

Examples from fellow writers who own their niche

In addition to the top 4 benefits mentioned above, it’s beneficial to self-publish because you can start writing about the niche topic you’re passionate about.

Thus you can attract readers who are interested in this specific type of content.

Here are some indie publishers:

screenshot by Kristina God
screenshot by Kristina God
screenshot by Kristina God
screenshot by Kristina God

Glenn has said to me:

A majority of my articles fall into two unrelated categories.

So I created a publication for each of those topics.

It helps keep things in their proper location and helps attract followers who are interested only in that one topic. Glenn Stok

Spoiler alert: Opening your own publication on Medium is pretty easy. Stay with me and take a look at my easy step-by-step guide next.

How to open your own publication on Medium?

Since a lot of new writers asked me how to open a publication, I’ve started experimenting with my own publication in order to share my insights and give you a look behind the scenes.

In the mid of November 2021, I’ve opened my own publication called Online Writing 101 — made easy dedicated to new and aspiring writers.

It’s your go-to guide for online writing on Medium, Twitter, Quora, Substack, and so on.

Opening your own publication on Medium is pretty easy. Here’s my step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Click on your profile picture choose Manage Publications from the menu.
screenshot by Kristina God

2. Click New Publication in the top-right corner.

screenshot by Kristina God

3. Voilà! Now you can already enter your publication’s name, tagline and description.

Keep in mind: These steps are required to create your own publication.

screenshot by Kristina God

4. You can add a publication avatar that appears at the top of all posts in the publication.

screenshot by Kristina God

5. Moreover, you can add your contact information (your email address or Twitter/Facebook link) plus 5 relevant tags (=labels) for your publication.

screenshot by Kristina God

6. Finally, you can customize your publication's homepage layout.

screenshot by Kristina God

Now, we’re all set.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

This is how my publication’s homepage looks like today — one month after I’ve started it.

Online Writing 101 — made easy

screenshot by Kristina God

Similar to Medium, I chose a clean and minimalist design.

The focus lies on the posts.

175 people already joined my pub.

👍If you like this post, consider following my pub too.

👍I share all tips and tricks I’ve learned from writing around 450 articles within one year on Medium.

Final Takeaways

Let me give you one more example from a Top Writer that shows the power of self-publishing and how smart this strategy is.

Shannon Ashley (with 45K followers) owns two publications. She self-publishes 99% of the time.

She could pitch her story to any big pub she wants.

But she doesn’t.

Honestly Yours is for writing about Writing, Life Lessons, Women, Self, Relationships, Culture, and Health.

screenshot by Kristina God

Med Matters is for Writing, Tips, Inspiration, Earnings.

screenshot by Kristina God

Ashley even used to have one more pub called Awkwardly Honest.

Her tip:

If you plan on sticking with Medium for a long time, I definitely recommend you start your own publication, even just for better name recognition.

Shannon Ashley

Self-publishing is the right direction for you when:

  • you’re feeling low because you were rejected by a pub.
  • you’re impatient and don’t want to wait (a few days or a week) until a publication finally adds you as a writer.
  • you just want to put your writing out there and not have to worry about someone else having power over you
  • you want to organize your stories however you want. You can have a publication just for X along with another pub that contains Y.
  • you have many stories (in a specific niche) inside you, waiting to be released.

When you say YES to one of these, it’s absolutely worth giving self-publishing on Medium a shot!

© Kristina God

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