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Here’s How to Not Let People’s Eyes Get Bored by Your Newsletter

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Pro tips from Martin SFP Bryant, who runs 7 successful newsletters.

I run a successful Substack newsletter with more than 3,500 subscribers on Substack.

Why? I don’t want to be a renter. I want to be a buyer.

A mompreneur who “owns” her audience instead of “renting” followers on Medium, X, or Facebook.

However, to grow my newsletter one thing is super important for me:

I don’t want to bore my audience.

Before I hit publish in a flash (I’m a busy part-time writer), I often press pause and take some time to rethink my newsletter.

Here’s what Martin SFP Bryant, who runs 7 successful newsletters, shares what you should check before you hit publish:

First and foremost he recommends:

“You have to make sure that people’s eyes don’t get bored!”😒

No matter how intelligent and in-depth your content is, if you don’t take the time to create a visually beautiful newsletter, nobody will even open it, much less click through to the good stuff.

Here’s how to not write a boring newsletter:

  • Don’t have big blocks of text
  • Break your text up into small paragraphs
  • Use bullet points
  • Use images
  • Make sure you’re providing something that people can’t get anywhere else

I’d add:

  • Cut the chase
  • Cut out the fluff
  • Delete the first sentence 😀 Try it.
  • Be careful with calls to action (CTAs), and links (to affiliate sites) they can make people unsubscribe
  • Focus on ONE thing you want your readers to do, e.g. click a link to your latest YouTube video, comment, buy your ebook
  • Don’t publish every week on the same day. Cadence and consistency are important. However, you’re not a robot. Most writers are doing this part-time. Instead of scheduling your newsletters, why not send them whenever it feels right for you?
  • If you have a paid newsletter, don’t bore your free subscriber with a paywall that starts right away or after reading A LOT of text before the good stuff comes (which they can’t read).

That’s how you keep your reader’s eyes from growing tired! 😏😒

For more, subscribe to my Substack newsletter which helps you navigate the newsletter and online writing world. More than 3,5000 can’t be wrong.

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