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Here’s How You Can See How Long A Story Is

  • 2 min read

to decide whether you have time to read it or not

I’m a working mom. I have a husband, a kid, and a colorful life. My time is limited and yours as well, am I right?

Do you know how you can see how long an article is?

Here’s my tip of the day:

There’s a little marker at the beginning of every single article.

It looks like this:

screenshot by Kristina God

It’s the estimated ‘read time’.

This metric is based on the average reading speed of an adult. Medium takes the total word count of a post and translates it into minutes and voila!

Here’s the simple calculation:

265 words per minute (WPM) = 1 minute of read time

Happy reading or bookmarking for later 😉!

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