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Here’s The Key To Finding An Audience On Medium

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It’s an excellent but underutilized tool.

Yesterday, new writer Michele Cambardella asked me:

“I want to collect my writings about caregiving my elderly parents. Dad had Alzheimer’s and Mom had complex broken bones from a fall. We learned so much over the course of five years. How do I find the audience that would benefit from reading about what we learned? I want to help others.”

So this is for everyone who is struggling to find the right audience on Medium.

On Medium, within minutes you can find an audience for your niche/topic — Here’s how:

Tags are the key to your success on Medium.

When you publish a story on Medium, you are asked to add tags (hashtags) to your post to let your readers know what your story is about.

You can add up to 5 tags to your story.

Medium suggests tags as you type in your tag, similar to what Google does with its predictive search.

If I were a new writer who would like to write about:

  • ‘caregiving for elderly parents
  • Alzheimer's
  • broken bones
  • sharing lessons learned
  • sharing messy stories

This is what I’d search for:

If you search on Medium for #Aging, this is what you’ll get:

The tag page will show you the most read stories on that topic, top writers in that topic area, and related topics.

That’s a great starting point for finding an audience.

Besides #Aging there are other tags I’d search for:



Aging Lifestyle

Life Lessons
Death Death And Dying Failure Grief Loss Trauma

Personal Development
Mental Health Self Self-Improvement Self-Awareness

Personal Essay
Diary Journaling Memoir This Happened To Me



Accessibility Disability Rights

Anxiety Stress

How to use tags pages?

1 — Pick the tag page that fits the best to your stories. Browse a bit.

2 — Select the most read stories, best and trending stories to get a feeling for what people like to read and click.

3 — Check the Top 10 writers and see where they publish, how they write their content, what tags they use, and who is commenting.

What to keep in mind

There are tags that are eligible for Top Writer status and others don’t.

If you publish stories often and use the same tag, you’ll start getting more views. You may receive an email from Medium saying you are a “top writer” for a tag.

If you become a Top Writer on a specific topic, you’ll become more discoverable on Medium.

Michele for instance is already a Top Writer in #Food and #This Happened To Me.

#Food won’t help her to build an audience with the topic she wants to write about but #This Happened To Me definitely does!

However, also with niche tags, you can be successful because everyone who will be searching the tag #Aging for instance, could see your story if it’s trending or if you’re one of the Top Writers in this tag.

Publications I’d write for re #Aging:

Crow’s Feet by Nancy Peckenham is the perfect fit for people who want to write about caregiving and aging.

Learn more about using tags on Medium in this trending mini-video tutorial:

Kristina God YouTube channel

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