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Hey Trolls, Shut Up and Don’t Criticize The Work of New Writers

  • 2 min read

Feedback is cool but please keep it civil and supportive.

Yesterday, a new writer reached out to me.

For the last past few weeks, he was hesitating about writing on this platform.

I shared with him 4 reasons to join Medium:

  • the supportive community
  • the special vibes
  • the inspiring stories
  • the human connection

These aspects resonated with him.

So he joined Medium.

I encouraged him to share his work.

He said it would feel scary to put himself out there.

I gave him a virtual pat on the back and told him to go ahead.

He did.

He received valuable feedback but then… he got trolled…


and even started thinking about leaving Medium.

Feedback is cool but please keep it supportive, relevant, and civil.

Medium should be a safe space for experimentation and creativity, not a scary place.

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