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Horror Story of an Ambitious Medium Writer Who Failed

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Grab your tissues. It’s absolutely crushing.

When I offered my first Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in November 2021, there was one ambitious writer I needed to kick in the butt every day for showing up and doing the work.

He said that’s why he joined.

He’d love this about me: the dedication and the drill.

He pumped out lots of content.

He tried different things. One story became a hit. He loved this feeling. This dopamine kick.

Then… for a long time, nothing happened.

He was frustrated and said he needed my help again to keep going.

My coaching business was on a hiatus this time due to my mommy duties.

I said I couldn’t kick him in the butt this time, he needed to motivate himself.

Intrinsic motivation is critical.

He made the process of writing online way more complicated than it needed to be.

Then, from one day to the next he stopped writing.

In an email, he explained to me why he left Medium. He blamed the platform and algorithm, the latest changes, and bots.

Practice. Fail. Practice. Fail. Repeat again!

In my view, he was looking for excuses to leave and don’t practice (and fail) in public anymore.

As one of my favorite creators, John Lee Dumas, who publishes one podcast every day says:

“Small steps equal massive results, given time, patience and perseverance.”

So many people don’t have the patience to do consistent quality work.

Additionally, they don’t know how to “fuel their inner fire”🔥 on their own.

Find your motivators. Find topics you’re passionate about and just keep on keeping on.

This isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

So, the good news is, the story I told you is absolutely crushing but it’s totally avoidable!

🔥I’m curious. How do you fuel your inner fire? 🔥

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