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Hot And Important Awareness Days To Write About In November 2022

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Ever heard of “Social Media Kindness Day” or “Movember”?

News definitely grabs attention.

Especially if it’s a human-interest story that includes emotive content.

As you may know, news can be reported in a range of ways.

Trending topics help to boost my income.

The key to making money with trending topics is to take advantage of timely news hooks such as Awareness Days.

As a trained journalist (and with over 15 years of experience as a PR consultant and Marketing Manager,) I know about the power of timely news hooks.

The official Awareness Weeks website = a great resource

There’s an official site official Awareness Weeks website. This is a great resource to make use of a timely news hook.

Awareness Weeks
Website Awareness Days

This website lists all of the important days such as ADHD Awareness Month.

Even crazy days such as National Donut Day or Pajama Day.

To save you time and energy, I selected nine international Awareness Days for you.

In November 2022 = make use of the following official Awareness Days to write about:

  • It’s Movember 2022 — Men’s Health Awareness Month ➡️ Around the globe, men are dying too young. Cancer and poor mental health are eating them up from the inside but they are NOT talking about it.
  • From November 7 to 11 is Children’s Book Week 2022➡️ Write about a children’s book you love or promote your own book (shoutout Megan Llorente)
  • The same week, International Stress Awareness Week 2022 ➡️ Raise awareness about the negative effects of stress through your stories. Publications I recommend: “Know Thyself, Heal Thyself (KTHT)” and “Mental Illness”.
  • On November 9: World Freedom Day 2022 ➡️ In this day and time, we NEED this day more than ever. Share stories about freedom. The more, the better!
  • On the same day, we celebrate Social Media Kindness Day 2022 ➡️ You’ve been trolled, received negative statements, or have been a victim of any other kind of “social media abuse”, so it’s time to share your story! (shoutout to Yana Bostongirl)
  • On November 13, World Kindness Day 2022 ➡️Let’s make the world a better place together, writers! Inspire others with your stories to greater kindness.
  • On November 20: Universal Children’s Day 2022 ➡️ Children are our future. They are so kind, brave, and smart. This is the day for all (grand-) parents to share their stories.
  • On November 21, World Television Day 2022➡️ Television used to be the most important media in the world. With the rise of Netflix, YouTube and so on times have changed. Share your take on television in 2022.
  • Last but not least, November 25, Black Friday 2022 ➡️This is the day for all people who want to end 2022 strong. You can create a freebie and offer it or offer a discount on your online course or product. Leverage your growth by taking advantage of Cyber Monday too!

No Awareness Day for you? Why not create your own day? Here’s how:

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