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Hot & New: The Distracting ‘Related’ Pop-Up

  • 1 min read

It’s a strange thing and I hope it will vanish as quickly as it came.

‘To distract’ means ‘to take someone’s attention away from what that person is doing or should be doing.’

One of the things I hate about most news sites is how distracting they are. They are built to maximize advertising revenue, not for the optimum reading experience.

No pop-ups or ads are a big part of Medium’s success I think.

Unfortunately, Ev Williams and his team are testing a new pop-up. Here’s the story.

As Steffany Ritchie commented:

I’m not paying membership to get distracted (…)

Edward John said:

Medium is usually such a refreshing alternative to (most news sites)

BichoDoMato calls:

Hey VP of Features, ROLL BACK. Now!

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