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How Big Is Medium’s Boost In Reality?

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You can earn $$$$ and get thousands of views.

Fellow writer E.B. Johnson shared with me that Medium’s new Boost system reminds her of the good old curation/distribution days on Medium.

What does she mean?

Gaining thousands of views and reads for your story.

I guess that’s every writer’s dream, isn’t it?

How many views can you receive when you get Boosted?

In fact, if you get Boosted on Medium you can gain from 500 extra views to 100,000 views.

Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine shared:

“How big is the Boost? We had a soft launch for the Boost for a few weeks, so we could test the algorithmic changes. In that period, we’ve seen boosts between 500 views and 100,000 views. Our goal is that every Boosted story should get at least 500 extra views within the first week.”

Fellow writer Hudson Rennie made more than $2,000 with his Boosted story and 18k views.

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