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How Big Is Medium’s Build-In Audience Really?

  • 1 min read

As a marketing manager and top Medium writer, I dug into the stats and data for you.

Whenever someone asks me what Medium is, I tell them:

It’s like a mall. You come there to shop. As people browse through the shops they can find us writers!

We’re the brands in the different shops.

That’s how I also kicked off my last Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in 2022 (now my Medium School comes with subscribing to my newsletter for $7).

What makes Medium as a mall unique is its build-in-audience.

Can you guess how many users Medium has?


Let this sink in for a moment!

Medium’s mall is a space for everyone.

Often we’re so focused on our little corner of Medium that we forget to also check out all the other wonderful corners here.

I checked Medium’s new Explore page for you, the 500 topics that you can follow, and compiled the top 10 topics.

Wanna know more? Here you go!

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