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How Can You Work for From Home in 2022?

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Here are all the open positions. Just apply now.

I‘m not quite sure why but recently somebody reached out to me via a direct message and asked me how to work for in 2022.

This person had read my answers about Medium on Quora and started following me on Twitter.

As a prolific Top Writer on Medium with over 1,000 published stories, I love to answer questions about my home on the internet — Medium.

I shared that…

Apparently, this triggered this person’s wish to work for in 2022.

To be honest, at first, I didn’t know what to answer.

I’m not a Medium employee, manager, or *cough* Medium’s CEO. I’m a creator.

But to help this person I did some research.

*Side note: Those who have been following me for a while know that I always go the extra mile to find solutions to the problem at hand.*

If you want to work for in 2022 you can find open positions on Lever.

According to a post I found from 2018, Medium as a company consists of 6 departments:

screenshot Jobs Medium

Currently, they are looking for people to hire for their Engineering team.

No matter where you are in the world, you can apply.

You could work in New York or San Francisco but also remotely within the U.S.

Medium has 4 open positions:

Here’s an example of the job description for the Database Architect:

What to know if you want to work for in 2022?

If I were looking for a job at, these were the things I would keep in mind:

  • Its founder Ev Williams also co-founded Twitter and Blogger.
  • Medium has around 700,000 paying subscribers.
  • It’s ad-free and writer-friendly.
  • Medium has evolved in exciting ways since it was launched 10 years ago.
  • Medium highly benefited from the pandemic, it flourished to an all-time high, and then… the downward spiral began.
  • Medium’s traffic dropped substantially — from 90M to 22M views.
  • The community is where the magic happens.
  • The blogging environment is getting more and more competitive (Substack, NewsBreak, Vocal Media).
  • In spring 2021, Medium’s founder Ev Williams cut in-house editorial operations.
  • Just recently, in August 2022, Medium laid off 29 employees out of about 100 employees.
  • At, you aren’t constrained by your job description.
  • as an employer offers core benefits such as health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, lunch, “a generous education budget” and onsite meditation, yoga, and a gym membership reimbursement.
  • If you like experimenting and change in general, Medium is the right place for you:

“Experimentation is encouraged at Medium, and we do it a lot. Sometimes we don’t get things right, and that’s okay too. Failure is seen as an opportunity for growth.” Jobs Medium

Good to know

Today I just saw that Buster Benson started a new job in the Product team where also Breana Jones works.

Medium’s founder Ev Williams replied:

and Paul Mederos added:

Who is Buster from Product team @ Medium?

screenshot Website Buster Benson

I’m Phoenix! haha

Great idea! Would love to see this on Medium too, Buster!

Final Takeaways

Medium laid off employees BUT also hires new ones who might be a better fit for Medium’s plans for the future.

If you want to work for in 2022 you absolutely can.

Go on Lever and check out their open positions or apply for a job proactively.

I guess it’s beneficial to know the platform from *actively* writing and reading on it. ;)

I’m curious. What do you think about the future of Medium?

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