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How Did Medium Get Its Name?

  • 1 min read

Medium’s founder Ev Williams explained it a decade ago

This month, the blogging platform Medium is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

As Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine and his team gear up for the next decade, we should press pause for a moment and think about what really matters.

Medium’s name.

How did Medium’s founder Ev Williams and his team come up with the name?

A decade ago, Ev explained the name of the publishing platform he wanted to build in a short video on Twitter.

To publish…

(…) things that aren’t too short. Not tweet length. But not too long either. They should be Medium lenght.

He went to the whiteboard, wrote the word “MEDIUM” and said

That we should call it that!

Watch Ev Williams explaining it on camera:

So, that “in-between length” is Medium’s foundation.

But how long is this?

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