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How Do I Add A Self-Published Post To A Publication On Medium

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Medium Writing 101

Easy step-by-step guide for new writers

You’ve decided to write on Medium. That’s awesome. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, writing on Medium can be frustrating when you’re a newbie.

When you submit an article to a (bigger) publication you either get a generic rejection message or they will ignore your submission.

I found very little help for new people, and submitting an article to a publication was near impossible. Robert Ralph, owner of New Writers Welcome

That’s why most new writers, myself included, start by self-publishing articles.

Newbie John Couper, who has self-published several stories already, reached out to me via email.

screenshot by Kristina God

He asked me how to submit a self-published article, for instance ‘Fasting: Your Health Feast’ to a publication.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz saw one story and invited him to contribute to ILLUMINATION.

Wow, that’s a big deal and an honor.

Yes, if you have been added as a writer by a publication you can add previously self-published stories to a publication — as far as they allow it.

In this step-by-step guide, I’m going to show you how.

Here’s how to add a self-published story to a publication (desktop version)

  • Click on the self-published story you want to submit to the publication.

Let’s take my first self-published article on Medium as an example:

  • Click on the three-dot menu at the bottom-right corner of your article to open your Story Settings.
  • Select Add to publication.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • A lot has happened since December 2020. I’m now a writer for many publications. So I’m going to select the pub I want to submit my draft to. In this case, it’s Illumination. I click on it.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • Your draft will immediately be submitted to the publication for review. The publication’s editors will now review your draft and (hopefully) schedule it for publishing.
  • When you submitted your story to Illumination correctly, a notification pops up saying:

Story submitted. We’ll email you when the publication editor has reviewed your submision.

screenshot by Kristina God

Good to know before you submit your self-published story to a publication

👍Earn money

If you have already 100 followers and are a paying member of the Partner Program (if not, you can become a member here) — make sure to click beforehand:

screenshot by Kristina God

👍Tag correctly

You can add up to 5 tags (=labels) to your draft story.

Use them to let Medium’s algorithm, curators as well as readers know what your story is all about.

Here’s the list of the 74 most popular tags:

#Writing and #Advice belong to the Top Tags on Medium.

With these labels, you could become a Top Writer (=makes your profile and articles more searchable on Medium).

screenshot by Kristina God

#Marketing, #Newsletter, and #Email Marketing aren't eligible for Top Writer status but they help you to specify what your story is all about.

👍 Pro tip: Combine popular tags with specific tags. Here’s more:

Final Takeaways


Now you know how to add a previously self-published story to a publication on Medium.

© Kristina God

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