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How Do You Hook Your Audience As a Blog Writer?

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Everyone wants to grow.

I got asked this question on Quora.

In order to hook your audience your story needs to be compelling.

Oftentimes we THINK we know what attracts our audience although we actually don’t.

My advice is to collect as many data points as possible. This means writing and creating as many stories as possible and checking your Stats.

This way you can find lean-in stories.

Lean-in stories are stories your audience wants to hear more about.

This is what you thrive for when writing online.

Let me give you an example:

Recently, I wanted to share the news that I’ll host an awesome program called The Online Writing Lab.

Together with my hubby who’s a successful YouTuber and Online Course Instructor, I’ll help people to create an online course, sell it and earn passive income, and get people to buy, and see sexy results.

Since I’m an introvert, I hate to sound pushy and salesy, so here’s what I did…

…I shared an honest story about my hubby earning more with one YouTube video than me writing 50+ stories in 3 months on Medium.

Your readers want to know more about…

  • the journey
  • transformation
  • results and
  • how they can start and see results for themselves.

So it’s a lean-in story.

My tip: Share the ups and downs of your creative endeavors.

Share the transformation you’re experiencing.

Everyone wants to grow.

Key Message: In order to know what a true lean-in story is you need to collect as many data points as possible. Write about many different topics, share personal stories and see where you can hook your audience.

I’m curious. What‘s your lean-in story?

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