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How Hyperfocusing Keeps My 5-Figure Writing Business Running

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It’s a game-changer for every part-time creator and new writer who wants to make more money in 2023.

My mind is calmer. My brain has a clear direction and focus.

It’s the superpower of people with ADHD: hyper-focusing.

I don’t suffer from adult ADHD but I still know how to get into the zone for hours and complete my tasks.

When asked about how I managed to build my own 5-figure writing business in 2022 on the side, that’s what I answered:

“Hyper-focusing is key.”

In 2022, there were an awful lot of things to juggle.

Work, family, household tasks, and up to five projects (Medium, coaching, online courses, cohorts, Substack newsletter) on the side.

Does your body already getting filled with stress and anxiety thinking about juggling ten projects and more?

Clearly, at first, managing multiple projects sounds overwhelming but you can make it work — without getting burned out.

Hyper-focusing is like a laser.

My brutally honest opinion is that you can’t do ten projects at once.

I know a lot of creators try to gain pride from this but it’s not a reality.

Even New York Times bestselling author James Patterson who is self-publishing one (fiction) book per month (!) concentrates on one specific project that has priority and gets it done.

“Productivity is not about cramming more into our days but about doing the right thing in each moment.” Chris Bailey, Hyperfocus

We can’t concentrate on more than one task at once.

Especially as a part-time creator and parent, if you try this, reality will punch you in the face and you’ll hang up or get burned out.

Do you see what I mean?

You can juggle multiple balls in the air without dropping one but still have to focus on one ball at a time.

You have to be able to compartmentalize your time or be able to dedicate your time to each ball (project) in certain ways.

“The most important aspect of hyperfocus is that only one productive or meaningful task consumes your attentional space.” Chris Bailey, Hyperfocus

Here are my 3 recommendations for busy part-time creators in 2023:

1 — Only dig into one project at a time.

Let’s say you want to write an article on Medium to keep your blogging business going.

Focus on completing your story. If you can’t complete it.

Write a short form post and come back to your long form story later.

A small win is better than none — check!

2 — Repurpose your content strategically.

Let’s say you want to create shorts (short 1-minute videos) or longer videos in 2023.

Take your Medium story and create a video out of it.

Whenever you create something ask yourself:

“How can I repurpose my content to reach more people?”

3 — Think like an entrepreneur.

Most writers don’t think like entrepreneurs.

In my opinion, as soon as you start earning one dollar online, you’re part of the entrepreneurial game.

Even as a newbie you can sit down and learn how to scale your $1 and make $10!

From there you go to $100 and so on.

My rule of thumb:

“If you can make $1, you can easily make $100 per month!”

All you need to do is to learn some entrepreneurial tricks and mindsets.

At the moment, I have one project that’s a priority: my website.

Within the last past weeks, I’ve really started digging into this topic and I’ll share my knowledge with you so you can also start your own website with a blog in 2023.

Then there are other projects that are on different tracks.

  • Some Medium stories I’m gathering information for.
  • YouTube videos that need to be edited.
  • Substack newsletters that need to be finished.
  • Mentees that are waiting for a call or coachees that are waiting for a reply.

By laser-focusing on my #1 project I don’t get distracted.

I can lay my head on my pillow at night and won’t feel sad because I couldn’t finish project x or y.

I know that I want to finish the website project that has a priority for me and I know it will take a lot more time and energy.

However, if I wouldn’t laser-focus on this task, my brain would be overstimulated, and I’d launch my website in 2024.

Not in 2023.

I’m curious. What do you think about hyper-focusing? What’s your #1 priority in the first quarter of 2023, new writers?

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