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How I Changed My Life Through My Writing

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and made an impact.

According to Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine writing on Medium isn’t worthwhile (anymore) from a purely financial standpoint.

He explained that Medium can’t pay you what you’re worth.

First of all, Medium as a platform doesn’t pay you directly, it’s their audiences.

Then, you need to know that either there’s an audience for you or not.

Why am I (still) writing here?

When I started writing here 22 months ago, I couldn’t write 150 words in half an hour. It took me hours.

My thoughts weren't as clear and precise as they are now.

Thanks to writing about parenting, body positivity, self-love, and writing, my life changed for the better.

I became a better writer and human and I changed the lives of my students too.

My goal is to change lives and that is already *happening*!

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