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How I Joined The Elite $100 Club After 5 Months On Medium

  • 5 min read

Learn my top 3 tactics to make some noise and join the party.

Oftentimes new writers ask me how long it takes to finally get into the $100 Club.

Unfortunately, it’s an “elite” club only 6–8% of Medium writers are in.

Meaning only a handful of writers earn $100 per month blogging on

When I started on Medium in December 2020, I didn’t know about this magical threshold.

My husband told me stories about Tim Denning making hundreds of thousands… so I thought I could make some good money too.

Guess what..?!

When I hit publish for the first time, I only heard crickets and earned pennies.

“Oh! What a bummer!”

Then in May 2021, everything changed when I received an email from Medium telling me I would have made $100.

“What?” I thought to myself. “This must be a mistake.”

It wasn’t a mistake.

Medium helped me to get into the $100 Club by rewarding me with a one-time bonus payment for receiving high member engagement.

Since that day, I’m an official member of the $100 Club and even joined the exclusive $1,000 Club this summer.

Also with a small following, you can join the $100 Club and earn a decent amount of money.

In May 2021, I only had around 500 followers.

Within my 23 months on Medium, I’ve learned everything I could about this amazing platform.

I truly believe you as a new writer can get into the $100 Club if you implement the right strategies right from the start.

Here are my Top #3 Tips for new writers to get into the elite $100 Club:

3 — Feed Medium’s algorithm with yummy stories!

No one knows exactly how Medium’s algorithm works.

Nevertheless, one thing I know for sure is that consistency drives any algorithm.

The more you show up and commit to the platform, the more luck will come your way.

Medium’s algorithm is hungry for consistency.

Show Medium’s algorithm that you truly love writing and feed the algorithm with juicy (short and sweet) articles on a regular basis.


As a busy working mom, I write at least two short posts per day. Every single day I publish at least one fresh article in “The Shortform”.

Bonus tip: The more you commit yourself to feed Medium’s algorithm, the better results you’ll see.

2 — Squeeze all the juice out of your content orange and amplify your story!

Amplify the signal of your content — help your content reach a significantly wider audience by sharing or republishing it on…

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • NewsBreak
  • Vocal
  • ManyStories
  • Gumroad
  • Udemy
  • Simily
  • Substack

Here’s an overview of “The Medium Conversation Prism”

It helps you to amplify your message and drive conversation to get your content seen, heard, and read:

Kristina God’s Medium Conversation Prism

Let’s say you’ve created and published a long form story (3 minutes plus) on Medium.

If you just post the story and call it a day, as most people would, you’re not really squeezing all the juice out of the orange.


There’s still a lot of untapped potential in that one piece of content.

Your content is the signal, and all other content is the noise.

Rise above the noise, amplify the signal and BE LOUDER than the rest of the new writers.

1 — Psst. Engagement will do the trick!

I see many writers who post and ghost.

They post a story and then call it a day.

That’s a no-go if you want to join the $100 Club.

Every comment can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship and collaboration which helps you to get more views, followers, and claps.


From day one, your goals should be to build community and find your audience of raving fans!

Serve your audience with all that you have to offer based on your (real-life) expertise.

Additionally, make sure to engage with others by reading, clapping, highlighting their stories, and linking to their posts.

Today is your day. Ask me anything!

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