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How I Made $40 With One Freebie Using This Platform

  • 2 min read

Yes, people paid me for a free resource. I didn’t expect this.

In November, I shared with my subscribers “The Ultimate Medium Checklist”.

It’s a free ebook that helps new writers kickstart their success on Medium.

75 people downloaded the ebook.

5 out of 75 decided to “buy” the ebook for a fair price they set.

This way, they donated $39.

I show this sales and fee overview to show you that Gumroad will take 9% if you only earn some dollars.

I know that a lot of new writers only earn pennies on Medium, so why not offer a freebie and let people pay for it if they want?

On the super-hyped platform Gumroad, it’s possible.

Gumroad is a self-publishing digital marketplace.

  • You can sell any digital product you want.
  • The more you sell, the less transaction fee you pay.

My example shows even if you offer a digital product for FREE on Gumroad you can ask the customer to name a fair price and pay some bucks for it!

Learn how to self-publish an eBook on Gumroad:


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