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How I Make $1,000+ Passive Income Part-Time as A Working Mom

  • 2 min read

…with a family and two kids.

In 2020, after I gave birth to my first child, I started having conversations with myself about finally writing online again.

Then, in December 2020 I started writing on Medium. My goal was to make $10 and then one day $100.

Since I got “chosen for further distribution” a lot, Medium picked me as one of the Top 1,000 writers on Medium and rewarded me with multiple sweet bonuses.

How did I manage job, family and kids?

I built a relationship with writing.

I really enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table in the evening and pumping out one story after another.

When you enjoy something and you’re in a flow state, wonderful things happen to you.

In addition, I hosted awesome Medium BootCamps with people around the world and started an online business.

Whatever I do on the side, I keep my family and kids in mind and have fun.

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