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How Long Can I Earn Money For An Article I Post On Medium?

  • 2 min read

If you write on Medium you get paid for traffic from paying members.

  • It’s not views.
  • It’s not claps.
  • It’s not engagement.

Medium rewards you for reading time.

To be more specific:

  • For Member Reading Time.

Usually, there are two waves of traffic.

🌊 The First Wave

The first one is from the Medium network and generates upfront money.

People who follow

The first wave is rich with paying Medium subscribers and upfront money.🤑

🌊 The Second Wave

Then traffic goes to ground zero OR your story hits some Google SEO.

Through Google visitors who read your stories, you can generate a long tail of search traffic.🐀

Unfortunately, this long tail traffic doesn’t pay that much anymore.

BUT you can convert readers into referred members and earn recurring income.

I’m curious. Tell me about your experiences!

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