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How Long Should A Daily Blog Post Be?

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Longer isn’t always better shows a famous example.

On Quora, I got asked this question.

As far as Google is concerned, the number one search engine loves long-form content and rewards it with good search positioning.

This means Google likes to be fed with at least 3 minutes of reading time pieces. Better is 5 minutes plus.


Here are some benefits of long form stories with 3 to 5 minutes of reading time:

From Google’s perspective, they can…

  • increase the engagement
  • encourage more conversations and feedback
  • provide more in-depth information and backlinks
  • be more impressive and comprehensive
  • provide an answer to the question asked

However, I love to write short-form posts (150 words or less) on a daily basis on Medium.

As a working mom, it’s not easy to keep the writing hula hoop spinning, so that’s my way to be consistent.

I think a great case study is marketing guru Seth Godin’s blog.

Seth Godins blog

He has been publishing short pieces on a daily basis for years — over 7,000 days.

Many posts are two paragraphs or less.

Since he’s been very successful with embracing short form blogging he is the most commonly mentioned short form blogger on the internet.

People love his short and sweet posts and actionable advice.

This made him famous.

The key is to find a way to stay consistent.

Your audience will love you for that and recommend your stories to friends.

So, don’t ruin your streak!

But what about Google and that longer posts are better for SEO and search positioning?

As a marketer and blogger, my opinion is that if you want to create a Landing Page for your website, I’d recommend at least 350 words.

If you want to be consistent, short form blogging is something you can definitely consider when you want to create daily blog posts.

What’s your opinion?

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