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How Many Paid Subscribers Does Medium Have?

  • 1 min read

For thousands, the publishing platform is THE place to read and write online.

Medium is my favorite place online.

Within 30 minutes you can join, set up your account and publish your first blog post.

Additionally, you don’t get tech headaches. You can easily start writing and publishing stories that look beautiful — without any coding skills required.

These benefits attract new paying subscribers from around the world.

At the same time, Medium loses members every day.

I can see this on my Stats page.

This month I gained 2 new referrals and also lost 2 old ones.

When you check your Stats page, you see your referrals come and go.

But how many paying subscribers does Medium have?

Back in 2019, Medium had 400,000.

In 2021, they hit 725,000 paid subscribers.

For 2022, I couldn’t find any data.

What do you think?

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