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How Many Publications Are On Medium in 2022?

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Plus, a selection of publications to write for.

The biggest difference between Medium and other online writing platforms is its publications.

On Medium, there are about 13K publications.

Unfortunately, Mediums doesn’t offer a list of its publications.

I guess that is because they come and go as the water ebbs and flows.

However, there are some bigger publications you need to know such as:

1 The Startup/ Start it up (760K)

2 Towards Data Science (636K)

3 Better Humans (338K)

3 Medium-sized publications:

1 Curious (44K)

2 Geek Culture (24K)

3 Change your mind change your life (22K)

3 Small but mighty pubs:

1 Coffee Times (6.9K) by Winston

2 Wholistique (4.6K)

3 The Shortform (4.4K)

Upcoming stars:

1 Globetrotters (1K)

2 The Midform (700 followers) Megan Llorente

3 Modern Women (650 followers)

Hot and NEW:

Oh, and here’s a list of the TOP 10 Publications to write for in 2022:

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