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How Many Stories Can Medium’s Nominators Recommend Per Month?

  • 2 min read

There’s a magical number

The magic number is 20.

20 stories are Boost Nominators from the community allowed to nominate for wider distribution per month.

This is 5 per week.

They are scouring the platform for the best stories and they have a great incentive — money.

Around $45 per Boosted story. They can earn up to $900 per month.

That’s not bad.

In some countries, $900 is the salary of a full-time job.

Within the last past weeks, I talked to several Nominators who applied even before they knew about the financial compensation.

They told me they did this to…

  • amplify other writer’s stories
  • help writers who aren’t good at marketing themselves
  • get on the radar with their own writing and publication
  • win more followers and subscribers
  • become more popular

So it’s not ALL about the money. It’s also about prestige and branding, I think.

Would you like to be a Nominator?

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