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How Many Stories Have Been Published On Medium So Far?

  • 1 min read

I feel like I’m already behind on my reading

Little old Medium turned 10 this August.

So I did some research to find out more about the platform we love so much.

One thing that was pretty interesting was its number of published stories.

I found a story by J.J. Pryor (owner of Feedium) from 2020, in which he calculated the monthly number of published stories:

There are 1,385,000 new articles posted on every month.

What do you think about this?

A few minutes ago, I read the official post by Medium’s staff about the 10th anniversary.

In the post they state:

More than 18 million posts later, we’re a little older and wiser, but we’re just as committed to our mission as we were in 2012.

With about 1,000 stories published, my impact is 0.005555555555555556%.

Does 18 million to date surprise you?

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