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How Many Writers Post Daily On Medium?

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Little old Medium turned 10 in August 2022.

So in my series Medium FAQ, I did some research to find out more about the platform we love so much.

One thing that was pretty interesting was its number of published stories.

“More than 18 million posts later, we’re a little older and wiser, but we’re just as committed to our mission as we were in 2012.”, official birthday post by Medium staff

Another commonly asked question is:

How often should I publish on Medium?

There are so many tips out there… but how many writers actually publish on a daily basis?

Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t provide any new data but…

  • back in 2020, it was 50,000 people.
  • Today, Medium has around 725,000 paying members.

Does this mean about 7% of paying members publish daily?!

Doesn’t fit with the 18 million posts to date.

Do you publish on a daily basis?

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