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How Mental Liquidity Can Boost Your Wellbeing

  • 2 min read

I moved to an island and started a new life

Mental liquidity is a phrase I heard recently and that I really love.

It’s capacity to quickly renounce prior convictions when circumstances change or when fresh information becomes available.

As Visa founder Dee Hock once stated:

“A belief is not dangerous until it turns absolute.”

If I look back, I have changed my mind about a lot of things in the last decade.

With the birth of my first kid, everything changed. My little one pushed me into thinking about the important things in life.

I’ve learned to change my mind when necessary.

Change is difficult, and change is scary.

However, I managed to sell (almost) everything and move to an island with my family.

Work from there.

Write from there and live my best life.

Mental liquidity really feels good.

Why not give yourself permission to change your mind and improve your mental liquidity?

Better life depends on it.


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